The Tall Ships Challenge®Series



The TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Series of international sailing races, cruises, and maritime festivals is organized by Tall Ships America in cooperation with Great Lakes, Atlantic and Pacific Coast port cities in the United States and Canada.

These tall ships are crewed by young people and adults engaged in sail training programs under the supervision of captains and professional crewmembers.  Maritime festivals in each host port give visitors a chance to board the vessels, meet the crew and trainees, and experience the rich maritime heritage that these ships represent.

During the summer, the fleet travels from port to port as the centerpiece of the host cities’ maritime festivals. Between port events, Tall Ships America organizes races, cruises in company, and crew exchanges to provide fun and friendly interactions between the vessels, encouraging international goodwill and understanding.  Tall Ships America promotes the races and cruises so that the general public can share the excitement of the fleet activities.

The TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Series promotes awareness of America’s diverse maritime heritage, fosters goodwill between maritime nations, stimulates tourism and provides significant economic impact.

The TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE®  Series provides opportunities for “youth of all ages” to sail aboard the ships as participating members of the ship’s crew and to learn the skills and arts of traditional seafaring as they face the many challenges of life at sea.  This can be a life-changing experience of personal growth, setting them on course to become successful citizens and civic leaders.  The TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Series is a great event, connecting people from diverse nations and communities with the wonderful resources, culture and heritage of the Pacific and Atlantic Coasts, and Great Lakes. 

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