Tall Ships Challenge® Great Lakes 2013
The Races


Racing is a very important component of the series. Historically, when two or more sailing vessels are found to be heading in the same direction, an impromptu race almost always ensues. The crews pay closer attention to the other ships and to the trim of their own sails in hopes of outdoing their counterparts.

But how can you compare the racing of a 60-foot sailboat with a 240-foot sailing ship carrying 10 times as much sail area? A special rating system developed in the European tall ships races is used to assign vessels of any size a relative performance factor. This gives all vessels an equal chance of winning if they are sailed well.

Before the series starts, six pages of hull, rigging and sail measurements for each vessel are submitted to Sail Training International headquarters in England. They compute Time Correction Factors (TCFs) for each vessel using a program that has been fine-tuned over many years of competition. After each race, the TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Race Committee multiplies the time it takes for a vessel to complete the course – its elapsed time – by its TCF in the race to determine the corrected time; corrected times are then compared to determine final standings.

Safety at sea is critical and each participating sailing vessel has been inspected and certified for its intended use either by a national maritime authority (the Coast Guard in the US) or by an internationally-endorsed society.

Race One: Lake Ontario "Round The Buoys" Race
Race 1

Starting Point: Ashbridges Bay area just east of the Leslie Street Spit to weather buoy ODAS 45159 (43º 46.0’N, 078º 59.1’W), starboard rounding then to ODAS 45139 (43º 25.8’N, 079º 22.8’W), port rounding then to finish line. Finish line – in the vicinity of 43º 18’N, 079º 18’W (approx. 65 nautical miles)

Race One Winners
Race Results on Corrected Time
Second Place Privateer LYNX    
Third Place SØRLANDET    
Race Two: Lake Erie- Cleveland to the Pelee Passage
Race 2

The start line will be one nautical mile in length and located between 41º 32.4’ N, 81º 47.8’ W and 41º 33.3’ N, 81º 47.3’ W. The finish line will be two nautical miles in length and located between 41º 48.15’ N, 82º 23.8’ W, and 41º 46.3’ N, 82º 24.8’ W. Note: Both start and finish lines are perpendicular to the rumb line. (31 nautical miles)

Race Two First Place Winners
Race Results on Corrected Time
First Place Privateer LYNX    
Third Place US Brig NIAGARA    
Race Three: Lake Huron- Thunder Bay, MI to Drummond Island, MI
Race 3

The following start line location will be used and will be between: Fl Priv Buoy, located at 44 Deg, 58.6' N, by 083 Deg. 13.3' W and 2 FL Priv, Wk Buoy, located at 44 Deg 58.1'N by 083 Deg 12.0' W. The finish line will be a line running 2nm in length from 45º 52.5’N, 83º 52.7’W along a bearing of 000º T (121 nautical miles).

Sailing Instructions for Race 3

Race Three Winners
Race Results on Corrected Time
Second Place US Brig NIAGARA    
Third Place SØRLANDET    
Race Four: Lake Superior- Duluth to Whitefish Point
Race 4

Starting line will be a .75nm line running South (T) from 46º47.9’N, 91º 58.9’W. The finish line will be between two points, which are 2.0 NM apart. Their coordinates are 46º 47.55’N, 84º 56.4’W and 46º 49.28’N, 84º 55.0’W. The finish line is located along the bearing which marks the turning points for vessels travelling along the charted shipping lanes on U.S. NOAA Chart #14962.

Race Four Winners
Race Results on Corrected Time
Second Place US Brig NIAGARA    
Third Place SØRLANDET    
Race Five: Lake Michigan- Chicago to near Sturgeon Bay Entrance
Race 5

The starting line will be 1 nm in length with one end at 41º 51’N, 087º 35’W , outside Chicago Yacht Club (far end of line will be determined at the Captain’s Briefing). Finish line will extend from 44º 45’N, 087º 17’W to 44º 42’N, 086º 22’W. Finish line will extend across Lake Michigan to Point Betsie to accommodate those continuing on towards the Southern Ontario ports (subject to change)

TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® races and cruises are held at sea, between ports. Precise race routes and schedules are subject to change.
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