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Flag USA
Rig Schooner
Homeport Clinton, NJ
Sparred Length 118'
LOD 90'
LWL 83'
Draft 9' 6
Beam 22'
Rig Height 96'
Freeboard 3' 6
Sail Area 9688 square feet
Tons 98 GRT
Power 350 HP diesel
Hull steel from German u-boats
From metals of old German submarines to majestic tall ship, STV Unicorn sails the sea with proven on-board leadership and development programs for teenage girls, executive women and in-tact executive teams. Holland built in 1947, STV Unicorn partners with Sisters Under Sail Corp. to deliver a non-profit leadership development program for teenage girls, whose mission is to build confidence, enhance self-esteem, develop social conscience and teach the value of sisters working together towards a common goal. The vessel welcomes young women from around the globe to sail aboard with Unicorn’s all-female professional crew. Unicorn also partners with BeamPines, Inc., a Human Resources Consulting Firm in New York City, to offer on-board executive development and team building programming. HR Consultants work closely with Unicorn’s crew to create an effective learning environment that drives results. Chart Your Course, an on-board women’s leadership program, is just one of the successful executive programs that has brought together executive women from Fortune 100 Companies to small business owners.
Who Sails Other: girls ages 13 - 21; women and executive men
Program Type
Education Other: sail training for teenage girls, women, in-tact executive teams, private groups
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Cruising Waters: Summer Long Island Sound, New England
Cruising Waters: Winter
Built 1947
Coast Guard Certification
Crew 10
Trainees & Passengers 12 day passages, 6 overnight
Contact Person Dawn Santamaria
Organization Sisters Under Sail Corp.
Address 2 Gravel Hill Road
Asbury, NJ 08802 US
Telephone 1 (908) 713-1808
e-mail dawn@tallshipunicorn.com
Website www.sistersundersail.org
Tall Ships America • 221 3rd St., Bldg. 2, Ste. 101• Newport, RI 02840 USA • (401) 846-1775 • asta@tallshipsamerica.org