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Sailing Ship Adventures

Sailing Ship Adventures is a specialty travel service that represents sailing ship owners and operators, including some of the sailing world's best-kept secrets. We book voyages for our customers on a wide variety of sailing ships ranging from the largest full rigged tall ship in the world (The Royal Clipper, at over 400 feet in length) to smaller vessels (ranging from 60 to 100 feet in length), as well as aboard crewed chartered yachts.

Unlike your local travel agent we do not represent just a few ships and tour providers, but a wide variety of ships in many different destination areas. We have researched tall ships and sailing ship vacations the world over. Our extensive knowledge of sailing ships and the resulting roster of vessels in our fleet means that, no matter where you would like to spend your next vacation or what you would like to do there, we can find the perfect voyage for you.

Our fleet is comprised of more than 100 full rigged tall ships, brigantines, barkentines, schooners, and smaller vessels. This range of ships, from the most luxurious to the more spartan, offers you the widest range of choice available.

Our ships sail to destinations through the world, ranging from popular itineraries in the Caribbean and Mediterranean Seas, to ocean crossings, to exotic areas such as the fjords of Patagonia, the Andaman Sea, and the Queen Charlotte Islands. Sailing to these destinations offers opportunities to experience exotic locations in an up-close and intimate way that is not possible on traditional cruises. Smaller vessels are able to stop at smaller, out-of-the-way ports of call not accessible to large cruise liners.

Climb aboard one of these majestic sailing ships and set sail to exotic locations!

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