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Capt Arthur M. Kimberly Professional
Crew Development Grants

Captain Arthur Kimberly learned the skills and arts of traditional seamanship while serving in square rigged ships in last years of commercial sail.  He passed on his appreciation and mastery of these traditions to the young men and women who sailed with him in his brigantine ROMANCE on deep sea voyages throughout the Caribbean and around the world. The legacy of his dedication to the way of a ship lives on in the professional mariners running the ships and programs of American sail training today.  We are proud to offer the Capt. Arthur M. Kimberly Crew Development Grant in his honor, in respect and gratitude for his lifelong contributions to the world of tall ships and sail training.

The Capt. Arthur M. Kimberly Professional/Crew Development Grant has been established to provide financial assistance to professional crewmembers of Tall Ships America member vessels in order to meet new and existing requirements for maintaining as well as advancing their USCG licenses, and to encourage the highest possible standards of safety training for individuals or groups of Tall Ships America members.

How to Apply for a Professional/Crew Development Grant
Application should be submitted in letter form, and include all information indicated in the appropriate paragraphs below. Applications will be reviewed by a staff committee made up of the Executive Director, Director of Operations and Education Director. Applications must be received by March 31 , June 30, September 30 and December 31 of each year. Applicants will be notified of the Review Committee's decision within 14 days of these dates.

  • Individual grants: An individual award will be made for not more than 1/2 of the total cost of the course or program, and will not be made to cover travel or lodging expenses. The individual will provide documentation of the cost of the program, and Tall Ships America may choose to fund half of a less expensive, equivalent program if one is available. Grants will be made on a reimbursable basis, that is, the applicant must first pay for the course out of his/her own funds, then submit proof of satisfactory completion of the course in order to receive the grant.
  • Group grants: In some cases, Tall Ships America Professional Members may desire to have a course given for all crewmembers on board the vessel, or at a nearby training facility, as the most cost-effective way to obtain required training. As with individual grants, Tall Ships America will fund not more than half of the cost. Proposals for this kind of grant will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Reimbursement of the approved amount will be made on receipt of verification by the course provider that the course has been given.

Minimum Criteria for Eligibility and Information Required
Individual applicants:

  • Must be a Tall Ships America Associate Level member at the time of application submission, review AND at the time the course( for which you are appying for a grant) was/is to be taken.
  • Applications must be for courses taken no more than 6 months prior to the date of application.
  • Demonstrate employment as paid or volunteer crewmember for not less than 9 months aboard Tall Ships America member vessel(s) within past 24 months.
  • A statement of financial need. The goal of this grant is to provide for those who truly need assistance
  • Letter of recommendation from a Captain (preferably) or vessel owner for which the individual has sailed within the past 48 months. (Other letters of recommendation may be submitted as supplemental material.)
  • Justification for taking the course requested. The individual should explain the need for the program applied for. It is not Tall Ships America's intention to provide funding for Examination Preparation courses.Tall Ships America will determine the validity of the program applied for.
  • Provide documentation of cost.

Group applicants:

  • Must be an Organizational member of Tall Ships America.
  • A description of the proposed training course, who will provide it, how many will benefit, and why it is required or desired.
  • A quotation from the school or facility offering the course, indicating course cost and duration, credentials of the provider, and Coast Guard course approval (if appropriate).

Within 6 months of notification of their award, Awardees must:

  • complete the training program and provide verification of successful completion (ie, certificate of completion)
  • provide verification of training program tuition paid (ie, paid invoice or receipt)

If all above criteria are met, Awardees will receive grant as reimbursement, direct to them.


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