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Henry H. Anderson, Jr. Sail training Scholarship

Henry H. Anderson, Jr.Henry H. Anderson, Jr. Sail Training Scholarships are awarded to individuals and organized groups who are genuinely interested in experiencing sail training and education under sail. Applicants must show a demonstrated need for financial assistance. Also, applicants must describe, in writing, what they feel they will achieve by participating in the sail training experience. Guidelines for submitting this information are included in the application form.

The applicant must be between 14 and 19 years of age. The sail training experience should be of at least four days duration. Maximum award to an individual: up to 75% of program fee; maximum award - $750

Organized groups may include, but are not limited to: school classes; youth groups; scout troops; religious groups or community organizations. The sail training or education program should be appropriate to the age of the group and may be of any duration. Maximum award to a group: up to 50% of program fee; maximum award - $1,500

The sail training program must be aboard a Tall Ships America Member Vessel or organized by a Tall Ships America “Affiliate” Member organization and meet the following criteria:

Vessel must be inspected and certified under sub-chapter T (Passenger for Hire) or sub-chapter R (Sailing School Vessel) of Chapter 46, US Code of Federal Regulations.

Tall Ships America may fund up to 75% of the cost of a sail training experience to a maximum award of $750 in the case of an individual, and up to 50% and a maximum award of $1,500 in support of a group. Awards may be made in smaller increments based on demonstrated need, availability of funding, number of applicants, and any other criteria Tall Ships America determines is appropriate.

Applications must be filled out completely. An incomplete application will not be considered for funding. The applicant may contact the Tall Ships America office for guidance in completion and submission of the application. It is also suggested that the applicant establish a tentative contract or registration with the sail training program of their choice.

Sail training programs may assist individuals in the application process. However, it will still be the responsibility of the individual to complete his or her portion of the grant application and to demonstrate need.

The Henry H. Anderson, Jr. Sail Training Scholarship Program offers equal opportunity to students ages 14 – 19 (group applicants may be younger) and does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, creed, or religious affiliation.

How to Apply for a Henry H. Anderson, Jr. Sail Training Scholarship
Each applicant must first select a sail training program to participate in. Individuals or group leaders must then contact that program, request a copy of its registration or application form, and advise that organization that they are applying for a Tall Ships America Financial Assistance Scholarship. It is important for the applicant to establish a good, working contact with the selected sail training program and to be aware of that program's registration requirements.

Applicants must complete both the Henry H. Anderson, Jr. Scholarship Application and the sail training program application and submit copies of each to both Tall Ships America and the sail training program. Applications should be typewritten or legibly printed. Applicants may also use a computer to download an application form from the Tall Ships America Web site. Scholarship applications must be completed in full and include the required signatures. We suggest submitting your application at least four (4) months prior to your sail training experience.

Review Process
Applications may be submitted at any time and will be reviewed by a staff commitee consisting of the Executive Director, Director of Operations, and Education Director, which will make award recommendations quarterly. Applications received after the quarterly review will be considered in the next review cycle. All decisions are final.

Both the individual making the application and the sail training program will be notified of the committee's decision within 14 days of the application cycle deadline.

Approval Process
Upon approval, the applicant and the sail taining program will be notified of the amount of the award. The applicant must remit his or her tuition fee in a timely fashion as requested by the sail training program. Within 6 months of notification of their award, awardees must:

  • complete the program and provide to Tall Ships America verification of successful completion (ie, certificate of completion)
  • provide to Tall Ships America verification of program tuition paid (ie, paid invoice or receipt)
  • write an essay describing their experience and its value to them, and provide essay to Tall Ships America with full rights for its republication

If all above criteria are met, awardees will receive scholarship funds as a reimbursement paid directly to them.

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