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11th Annual Maritime Heritage Conference
and the
45th Annual Conference on Sail Training And Tall Ships
February 15-17-, 2018

New orleans, louisiana

Wed/Thurs, FEB. 14-15 FRI. FEB,16 SAT. FEB.17

Preliminary Agenda
(subject to change)

Saturday, February 17, 2018
0730 0830 Registration & Breakfast
0830 1000 Annual General Meetings
Tall Ships America Annual Meeting
National Maritime Heritage Society Annual Meeting
Steamship Historical Society of America Annual Meeting
Lighthouse Society Annual General Meeting
1000 1030 Break
1030 1200
Block 9: Focus Sessions
  FS9A Weather With Joe Sienkiewicz
  FS9B "BoomBaby"! Tapping into the Spending Power of Baby Boomers
 Millennials may get most of the marketing love these days, but baby boomers still hold all the spending power. Nobody knows this better than AARP, who uses a three-tiered targeting strategy to attract loyalists, appeal to detractors and motivate the “moveable middle” to engage with the brand at its Block Party events. Step inside the AARP portfolio and get an expert forecast on what this lucrative demographic is looking for and how it wants to be engaged (you might be surprised by some of what you hear). Walk away with a checklist of actionable steps you can take to make Boomers a part of your event strategy.
  FS9C Artifact Based Programming
1030 1200
Block 9: Maritime Heritage Papers
  9D Assessing Your Program: “How I’m I doing?” It’s an important question to ask if an institution is to remain relevant and these presentations will highlight ways to go about it.
Moderator: TBD

1.Survey-Based Evaluation of Maritime Educational Programs (Thomas Hall, Ph.D., Christopher Newport University)
2.Museums By the Sea: Assessing Maritime Museums along Northwest Florida’s Coast (Sorna Khakzad, Ph.D. University of West Florida, Mike Thomin, University of West Florida)

  9E Tugs:Three different tugs from different continents but common preservation challenges!
Moderator: Astrid Drew, Steamship Historical Society of America

1.The Russian Steam Tug Rudokop (George (Sandy) Thomson)
2.Interpretive Master Planning for a Historic Tugboat Angels Gate at a Modern Museum( Marifrances Trivelli, Los Angeles Maritime Museum)
3. The Coast Guard Cutter tug Comanche (Joe Peterson, Comanche 202 Foundation)


Issues in Underwater. Archaeology.:This panel looks at various aspects of undersea exploration from shallow waters to the deep sea featuring the latest technology.
Moderator: TBD


1.SEAS of Change: Sport Divers, Heritage Monitoring, and the Future of Submerged Resources Management (Della A. Scott-Ireton, Ph.D., Jeffrey T. Moates, Florida Public Archaeology Network, Nicole Grinnan, Florida Public Archaeology Network )
2. Decolonizing the Underwater Archaeology of the Arctic: An Alaskan case study (Evguenia V. Anichtchenko, Ph.D. Sitka Maritime Heritage Society )

1200 1330

Lunch:Featured Speaker Walter Rybka, Erie Maritime Museum
Presentation of Maritime Heritage Conference Award of Distinction to Burchie Green, National Maritime Historical Society
Presentation of Tall Ships America's 2017 Leadership AwardPresentation of rtall Ships America's 2017 Young Sail Trainer of the year Award

1330 1500
Block 10:Focus Sessions
  FS10A Ships and Homeports: Building Community Support for your Vessel
  FS10B Crew Training & Certification
1330 1500
Block 10: Maritime Heritage Papers
  10C Economic Impact Analysis of the Yorktown Landing of L’Hermione
  10D Ship Projects: Mayflower II and Kalmar Nykel Replicas of two 17th century merchantmen that carried settlers to the new world have recently undergone some tender loving care. 
Moderator: Capt. Channing Zucker, USN (Ret.), National Maritime Alliance
  10E Overcoming Disaster: Rebuilding the Maritime & Seafood Industry Museum after Hurricane Katrina (Panel Discussion)
    Panelists: Daria vPizzetta, H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture - Riel Fausto, H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture - Robin Krohn David, Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum
  10F Illuminating the past

1. The UHLHS Catalog - Putting Lighthouse Research Online(J. Candice Clifford, UHLHS Historian)
2.Lessons Learned Researching Lighthouse Keepers (Josh Liller, Historian, Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse)
3. Navigating the Web in Keeper Research (Debra Baldwin, Lighthouse Digest Magazine Historian)

1500 1515 Break
1515 1645
Block 11: Focus Sessions
  FS11A Instagram Stories
Not only are Instagram Stories fun and creative, but they’re great for growing your engagement, building brand awareness, driving traffic to your website, and even making ecommerce sales. The ways to get creative on the platform are truly endless. It’s almost like a small TV channel for your brand where you can go to town with out-of-the-box concepts. In this session we’ll cover everything from the strategies for creating Instagram Stories for business, to the tools and hacks you can use to create your own Instagram Stories
  FS11B Marine Insurance
  FS11C Elissa and NASA
1515 1630
Block 11: Maritime Heritage Papers

Ship Projects, Mayflower II and Kalmar Nykel
Replicas of two 17th century merchantmen that carried settlers to the new world have recently undergone some tender loving care. 
Moderator: Capt. Channing Zucker, USN (Ret.), National Maritime Alliance


1. Restoration of the Mayflower II: A Collaborative Project between Museums(Quentin Snediker, Mystic Seaport, Whit Perry, Plimoth Plantation)
2. Restoration on Kalmar Nyckel


Economic Impacts Not all aspects of our maritime heritage are positive as will be detailed in the presentations offered in this panel.
Moderator TBD


1. Overfishing in the North Atlantic: The Hidden Backstory (W. Jeffrey Bolster, Ph.D., University of New Hampshire )
2. The Consumerization of Alaska’s Rivers(Mark Rice, Ph.D., Alaska Office of History and Archaeology)
3. A New Cut – The New Panama Canal and Consequences (Thomas Donoghue, Seasoned Writer)

1645 1700 Break
1700 1730 Closing Plenary Featured Speaker: Nancy Richardson
"101 Ships and Counting":Nancy Richardson, Tall Ships America Commodore &, Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient; Sail Training International, Janka Bielak Medal Recipient; NMHS National Advisor, loyal member of the National Marine Educators Association since the beginning , founding Board Member, now "retired"; LA Maritime Institute, founding Board member, VP ("retired"); Girl Scout Mariner, Tall Ship sailor, etc. weaves together sailing, ships and the sea...connecting themes of sail training, maritime heritage, ocean stewardship, etc. of interest to all...from her experiences sailing on over 100 tall ships over the last 60 years.
1730 1830 Free Time
1830 1930 Cocktail Hour
1930 2400 Gala Awards Dinner sponsored by Allen Agency Insurance and Financial
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