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2015 Annual Appeal Campaign

- Discovering one's own strength and capacity to succeed through facing the challenges of the sea.
- Learning to cooperate and to lead by being part of a dedicated ship's crew.
- Practicing the skills, arts and self-sufficiency of traditional seamanship and navigation.

These experiences help transform uncertain and unformed youths into successful citizens and confident leaders. And these are the values that are carefully preserved and generously offered by the member vessels of Tall Ships America in programs of education under sail.  (click here to read our "Profiles in Sail Training")

Programs of education under sail are costly to run and challenging to sustain.  Since 1973, Tall Ships America has supported the fleet, helping members to maintain and crew the ships to the highest standards of safety, to provide maritime instruction in a rigorous curriculum, and to expand access to under-served populations through scholarships and grants.  With our help, tall ship programs in America have provided millions of student-trainees with life-changing experiences at sea.

For character and leadership development, the traditions of seafaring are as relevant today as during the Great Age of Sail.   They can only be sustained through dedicated and deliberate efforts of supporters like you. 

We ask for your help to carry on in this important effort, by making a gift to Tall Ships America's Annual Appeal.  This year we have received a $50,000 2-for-1 Challenge Grant, which will match your contribution with two dollars for each dollar that you give.  Your gift of $100 will be worth $300 to support our programs. 

As President of Tall Ships America, I personally invite you to join me as a member of the Nathaniel Bowditch Leadership Society, with a gift of $1,000 or more. 

We look forward to having you aboard with us as a valued shipmate, and we thank you for your support. We will close our Annual Appeal on December 31, so please make your gift now to support adventure and education under sail.