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Key Terms

Beam Width of a vessel at its widest part
Draft The depth of the water required to float a vessel
Freeboard The vertical distance from the waterline to the freeboard deck, usually measured amidships
Freeboard Deck The uppermost deck that is designed to be watertight
GRT (Gross Registered Tonnage) The volume, expressed in units of 100 cubic feet to the ton, of a vessel's total enclosed spaces below the weather deck and enclosed spaces above the deck including the bridge and accommodations
LOA (Length Overall) The length between the forewardmost and the aftermost points on the hull of a vessel
LOD (Length on Deck) The lenngth between the forwardmost and the aftermost points on a specified deck measured along the deck, excluding sheer
LWL (Length on Waterline) The length between the forwardmost and the aftermost points on a vessel's waterline
Rig Height Maximum height of the rig above the waterline
Sheer The fore-and-aft curvature of a vessel's main deck from bow to stern
Sparred Length The length between the extremities of any spars that overhang the bow or stern of a vessel, such as a bowsprit or a boomkin
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